About the Roadkill Bingo Co.

Roadkill Bingo was developed after we kept a log of all the animals we saw along Interstate 80 in Nebraska and Iowa one summer.

Over 42,000 games have been shipped across the United States providing many miles of highway smiles for travelers since it was introduced.

Public Reaction to Roadkill Bingo

A few people are offended by the games and we respect their opinion. It is unfortunate that the animals are struck by automobiles. Most people don't give roadkill a second look, but Roadkill Bingo increases their awareness of the roadside animals and sharpens their observation skills. You don't have to go to the Museum of Natural History to see wild life.

The most important rule of the game is:

``If your vehicle hits an animal, the game is over.''

Business Risks

If fastidious road crews pick up all the roadkill each day, our business would go belly up!

So "remains to be seen" if our business will succeed.


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