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Commercial Rates

All server rates are discounted by billing schedule.
Monthly Payment:    100%
Quarterly Payment:   95%
Semi-annual Payment: 90%
Annual Payment:      85%
All prices are in USA dollars. Travel and unusual expenses may not be included in these rates.

1) Basic Web Pages Service

Page service only.

Per Page Rate: $5/month
Minimum Rate:  $25/month
Average page size must be less than 1MB, including (but not limited to) all text, html, images, audio. Pages over 1MB are billed at $5/MB/month. Discounts for quantity pages.

2) Basic Webization of Your Documents

Document conversion only. You can choose to pay per item or by the hour (most items).

Per Item Rates

(Links are to samples where applicable.)
Web (HTML) Conversion:   $50/page
Scanning:                $5/page or image
Image Conversion:        Up to 3/page: free
                         Over 3/page:  $5
Basic Forms:             $75/page (to 10 fields)
Basic Search Capability: $10/page

Hourly Rates

All Web services:        $100/hr
All audio conversion is charged by time required. Minimum charge: $5/clip
Form development beyond basic forms (see above) are charged by time required.

3) Full Basic Service

Rates as above, but conversion orders over $500 are discounted at same rate as initial server billing.

4) Custom Pages

All custom work is handled at $100/hour.

5) Commercial Marketing Packages

Talk to us. We never charge for time spent learning a new industry if there's any reasonable chance we can reuse that knowledge! Otherwise, rates are as above.

Everything Else

Contact us for quotes on larger jobs, training, mentoring, custom work beyond standard web concepts, and anything else even vaguely related. We can set up mail IDs, maintenance logins, ftp sites, gophers, etc. For large jobs, some services may be outsourced, usually to Pencom Web Works .
Rates published on pages on our server are up to date. We cannot control what you may see on cached pages at other sites. If you are unsure, contact us for a quote. Obviously, rates on a signed contract will prevail.

What are you really paying for?


Where did those numbers come from?

These rates reflect the basic cost of doing business and making a reasonable profit. Server charges cover not only disk space, but pay for the system, power, backup equipment, communications, support personnel salaries, and so forth, in addition to the normal costs common to nearly all businesses.

Hourly rates pay not only our salaries, but pay for the hardware and software to develop pages, scanners, and everything else involved in production of top notch web pages.

Yes, we could do it cheaper. But not as well. If you're looking for the Yugo of Web Providers, look elsewhere. We don't like it when the steering wheel comes off in our hands in a tight curve. Support Paula Jones Lavender Ribbon Campaign

Worthy causes!

Children fighting cancer: Emma and Tiffany. Fight absurd regulations that could shut down the net.
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